Global Link Law is a member of Global Link Group, specializing in providing civil, criminal, immigration investing and commercial legal services.

With 17 years of experience in the legal field, Global Link’s team of lawyers have helped customers to solve legal difficulties timely, promptly and accurately.

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Global Link Investment & Immigration is a member of Global Link Group, specializing in providing investment, immigration and commercial consultancy services to countries such as USA, Canada, Australia and Grenada.

With the utmost dedication, responsibility and many years of experience in investment consulting, the team of Global Link Investment & Immigration always do our best to assist our customers in preparing the best documents at all stages from proving the source of funds and path of funds, selecting less risky projects for successful investment, obtaining permanent residence card, settling down and building new life abroad.

As a member of Global Link Group, VNC Travel has been granted an International Travel License by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism since July 2014. Our business fields are extensive and diversified with domestic and international tour services, visa services, airline tickets and hotel reservations.

Our motto is to bring the most valuable products and services with committed quality and affordable prices to customers. Our experienced, enthusiastic and considerate staff can meet all travel needs of customers.


Wishing to support the young generation in Vietnam with the overseas study opportunities, improve their knowledge, develop their own capabilities, experience the world-leading educational environment in the U.S. and Canada, Global Link Education – a member Global Link Group is a team of experienced partners and advisors in the field of overseas study consulting, always endeavor to help students identify the most suitable goals and study programs based on each student’s ability, aspirations and financial conditions.

Dedication, trust, and full responsibility for students are our criteria.


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At Global Link Translation – a member of Global Link Group, you could find translators who are experts in their native language and their second language, competent in their specific fields and have many years of professional experience.
Our mission is to offer our customers the best service, the most accurate translation in shortest time, the highest level of confidentiality, deliver quality translation in fields of legal dossier, project documents, and many more. We commit to make our customers satisfied in every aspect of our services.